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The Seven Deadly Sins, Vol. 35

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Author: Nakaba Suzuki
Language: English
ISBN-13: 9781632368737
Released: 11/19/2019
5.10 "W x 7.50 "H x 0.61 "D

Pages: 192
Publisher: Kodansha Comics
About: Broken Brotherhood While the fight against Estarossa hangs in the balance, the team of Merlin, Escanor, Gilthunder, Hendrickson, and Ludoshel prepares for a fierce battle in Camelot against Zeldris and Demon masters Chandler and Cusack. Even though it's three against five, the Assault Force has a fearsome enemy in Meliodas's younger brother. A revelation about another sibling--Ludoshel's fellow Archangel and brother Mael--may turn the tide of the Holy War itself. Meanwhile, the return of Ban from purgatory bodes well for The Sins and their allies, but where is Meliodas?